Connecting Osseo, 1 Nomination at a Time

Article by Alicia Miller Reposted by HometownSource.Com: Spreading kindness, showing compassion, and getting to know your neighbor took place this summer and fall in Osseo beginning with one gesture from an Osseo resident and a group of kids.

Dori Trossen, of Osseo, sees herself a connector. She began a kids activities program in Osseo this August. Prior to this she was a home daycare provider, and this past summer the daycare for school-aged children switched over to the kids activities program.

“I had taken the kids to get some food at Mike’s Discount Foods this past summer and they had some really cheap flowers there,” she said. “I bought bunch of them and asked the kids ‘Who do you guys want to give them to?’ I was thinking they would say their mom or dad. They really wanted to give them to the Osseo Police Department.”

This started a month of giving away free flowers to Osseo residents.

“I went off their idea of wanting to give the flowers out,” she said. “I just went on Facebook and asked for some nominations. I figured since the kids wanted to give flowers to the police department, maybe they are other people in town that are doing good things that we don’t know about and we should get nominations.”

On the Osseo Neighbors! Facebook page, Trossen put a request for nominations for people to receive flowers. During August, she received nominations and every week she shared them with the children in her group and three recipients were chosen. “Then on Fridays we would deliver them,” she said. “The kids would say ‘I get to carry the note,’ I get to carry the flowers.’ It became a thing.”

Trossen added that it was a great opportunity for the kids and her to meet others in the community and teach gratitude.

“It was nice to brighten people’s day, because I think, oftentimes, we get so bogged down in what life is, the negative side of it, that we forget to appreciate what’s around us,” she said. “I really loved how Osseo is. I mean, when posted about the flowers, I had all my nominations for the entire month within like three hours.”

The giving and gratitude did not stop there. Trossen’s son’s friend joined the group for a few days when his daycare was closed. This friend is a Cub Scout.

“His family had liked what they had seen with the flower donations, so they started asking for donations for wreathes that they could donate,” she said. “His mother contacted me and said, ‘You know we have basically enough money for seven wreathes.’ She said I did a group job with the flowers, and asked me to help coordinated the nomination process for the wreathes.”

In November, Trossen help the wreathes get delivered.

“Then one of my neighbors Julie Larson contacted me about a couple of extra live Christmas trees she had and asked me if I could find them homes,” Trossen said. Even though there weren’t any people in Osseo that needed or wanted a free live tree, she was able to find homes for the trees in the metro area.

She said people are more than willing to appreciate somebody else. She added that she was able to meet some new people in town through this process.

“I am a giver by nature, ask anyone, I love to give and bless people,” she said. “I guess I’m the connector.”

Trossen has a background in being a health coach and personal trainer. She started her children’s activity group this summer to get her kids to connect with other kids in town. She added there are many kids in Osseo, but not necessarily living right next door to each other or even going to the same schools.

“My goal is to get the kids connected with each other so that there can be a stronger community in town,” Trossen said. “I base this off of growing up in Maple Grove and with my husband growing up in Osseo. He said all friends in town would like to hang out together. I wanted to give the kids in town a safe place to hang out too. In order for kids to stay in town, they have to connect with each other.”

Trossen hopes to expand her program for children this summer. Beyond the trips to the library, parks or weekly visits to the residents at Osseo Villas, she hopes it will be all day and not just before or after school.

“I like doing bike trips with them,” she said. She prepares the children for the trip by allowing the children to pack their own lunches with healthy foods that she has out for them to choose from.

Trossen hopes to do the nominations again this summer. “I want to do whenever I can,” she said. “If I could afford it, I would do it all year round.”

She added, “I live a life just helping people, as a health and wellness coach, that’s what I do. It what I want to do. I want everybody to be healthy, happy and alive.”