Democrats Crossing Party Lines to Support Dori Trossen

Because I am a PROUD Democrat, I find it very important to explain why I have voted for Dori Trossen (Republican candidate for MN House of Representatives).

Dori is a small business owner. At this unprecedented time, we need support for all business owners, but the small business is the cornerstone of our country. That she’s a woman owner is even more reason.

Dori is a pro-family Mom with two children and believes people should make decisions that are best for them about healthcare and education.

Dori is compassionate to ALL people and will work with everyone. She wants to listen to what is needed and do something about it.

She has grown up in the district and understands the struggles of small businesses, family life, keeping the community safe and happy and she is a strong believer in equality, basic human rights and truly cares about the struggles confronting families.

Bonita Winn

Maple Grove