NFIB PAC Endorses Dori Trossen Over Representative Kristin Bahner

ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 22, 2020—The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

PAC, the political arm of the state’s most influential small business group, today announced

its endorsement of challenger Dori Trossen over incumbent Representative Kristin Bahner in

the District 34B House race. “Trossen scored a perfect 100% on the NFIB candidate

questionnaire and has a great commitment and concern for small business,” said Mike

Hickey, NFIB Minnesota State Director. She supports funding our massive state government

without additional general tax increases, supports the critical section 179 conformity with

federal tax law that will greatly help many small businesses and farmers, and a much

needed preemption law prohibiting cities from enacting minimum wage increases that

exceed the state’s and other employment mandates on local businesses. She also supports

many other small business priorities.

In stark contrast, Rep. Bahner made many votes detrimental to small business during the

2019–20 session and had a disappointing 43% rating. She voted for a large, unjustifiable $3

billion tax increase over the next four years while the state was running a $1 billion surplus,

and also supported an excessively expensive new $1 billion state paid family leave program

that would place a new tax on every employer and worker in the state. All of these bills were

strongly opposed by NFIB.

“The choice for the small business community in the House District 34B race is an easy one,

we are enthusiastically endorsing Dori Trossen and hope to see her serve in the legislature

and help enact a pro small business agenda in St. Paul,” said Hickey.

Endorsement of Trossen by the NFIB Minnesota PAC is based on positions taken on key

small business issues including healthcare, taxes, labor, and regulatory issues.