Early Voting

Whether you want to slow the spread of COVID-19 on Election Day, or taking that much needed vacation in November, you can vote for Dori early by requesting an absentee ballot. Your return ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day (November 3) and received within the next seven calendar days (November 10) to count.

Absentee ballots may not be retuned to your polling place, and The U.S. Post Office recommends allowing for six (6) business days for mail delivery within the U.S.


Voting On Election Day

Have you moved recently or never voted before? If so then you need to register to vote. Good news is we made it easy to check your voter registration status ahead of election day.

Minnesota is also a same day registration State, so you can also register at the polls! Just remember to bring a government issue photo ID, utility bill, or a resident from your voting precinct to vouch on your behalf.

If you're already registered to vote at your polling precinct, you do not need to show your ID at the polls. 

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